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Hua Tunan :Owl Illustration Created with Lively Splatters of Paint

Chinese illustrator, painter, and street artist Chen Yingjie (aka Hua Tunan) creates paintings that are alive with energy. Using a splattering technique, he creates beautiful creatures that radiate with vibrant colors. Night Owl is one of his recent pieces filled with a dynamic power that emanates from the bird’s single golden eye.

N E V E R  G I V E  U P - made by  

No matter how hard, no matter how long

Fight for it

Never give up on what you really believe in

Because everything you are fighting for is worth it.

(Source: chukapi)


Tears were running down her cheeks, spread out from her ruined eyes and dripping into the bloody soil. She began to simply scream at the sky, wordlessly, as her anguish loosed itself in the salt water which flowed from her eyes.

"Do you hear that?" -her friend whispered, swaying where she stood, feeling the weight of the girls emotion heavy in the air, "That is the saddest cry I’ve ever heard.


"What you’re doing is like throwing yourself over a waterfall without knowing how deep the pool is below. There may be stones waiting to dash your body to pieces, or you may drown. You’ll be hurt, or worse." - he murmured almost sadly to her.

"Ah," - she whispered,  "but what a glorious flight between the top and the bottom."

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